Online Learning Benefits During the Pandemic

The pandemic has turned the world upside down. With many businesses shutting down, countries going into lockdown, and face-to-face interactions restricted to a minimum, everyone around the world is forced to face this “new normal.” Schools all across the world have been closing down since the start of the year for fear of the virus spreading further, turning instead to online education to keep their students safe.

Advantages of Online Learning During COVID-19


1. Brings a sense of normalcy

With everything changing around the world, new safety rules and precautions, physical distancing, and whatnot, having to go back to school via online learning gives students some semblance of normalcy. For growing children, a routine is essential to their mental and emotional health because it provides them with stability and security.

2. Instantly accessible

Online education reduces the hazard of having to head outside to procure physical textbooks or to even sign up for enrollment. With online education, students can instantly enroll online for their classes, attend classes virtually, and can download all the learning materials they need with a click of a button.

3. More affordable

Many parents may think that online learning is more expensive than on-campus learning but this is actually not true. Online education is actually proven to be cheaper than a traditional set-up because schools don’t charge for miscellaneous fees, lab fees, and such. Parents will also no longer need to pay for uniforms (if the school requires is), physical textbooks, or money for the morning and afternoon commute (or pay for gas to get there). All students will need is a working computer or laptop and stable internet connection and they’re all set for the year.

4. Student-teacher interaction

Online learning makes it easier for students to get feedback from their instructors. In a normal classroom setting, students have to fight for their teacher’s attention while in an online learning set-up, all they have to do is send their teacher an email and they can either have a personal consultation set-up or have a correspondence via email. With a personal correspondence done via email, teachers can spend as much time as they need to thoroughly explain concepts and ideas to their students.

5. Its safer

Lastly, online education is clearly safer than on-campus learning. Students (and parents) will no longer have to worry about venturing out of their homes just to continue their education. They can do so from the safety of their own homes. No more unnecessary exposure to other people while commuting or even during in class. Everything from classes to quizzes and even exams can be safely conducted through their devices.

COVID-19 has shaken the world and changed the way we do things, maybe forever. If there’s one thing we’ve realized, it’s the utter importance of education, and that no matter where we are, learning can take place. Given today’s technological advancements, online education is easier than ever and can perhaps be the new normal, even beyond the end of this pandemic.

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