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The Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BS Psychology) is designed to provide a solid foundation on the major areas of psychology which may also be used as preparation for further studies and training in particular specialization of psychology or other professions such as medicine, education, law, and business management. It aims to produce graduate who will be professionally competent, morally upright, and socially responsible contributors to national development.

The curriculum is based on the standards and minimum requirement of Commission on Higher Education (CMO 34, series of 2017) and is benchmarked against the curricula of leading local and international academic institutions offering similar program

The graduates may pursue careers in major sectors of society such as:

1. The helping professions (psychotherapy and medicine)
2. Education
3. Business and government organizations (human resource management, i.e., selection, training and development)
4. Civil Society (community development)

Number Of Units


Years To Complete
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