The OEd Cross Enroll Application Process

OEd is bridging the gap and bringing premium education closer to more students with our cross enroll program. Enroll in courses you need to finish your degree on-time or enroll in courses your school is not currently offering.

Learn more about our easy cross enroll online procedure here.

Requirement to cross-enroll

  • Permit or Approved endorsement form from home school

How To Register For The Cross Enroll Program

OEd has one of the widest cross enroll programs in the Philippines. Here’s how to start your application.

To register, all you have to do is visit OEd’s portal Sign up, select the CROSS ENROLL program.  Fill out the form.

A knowledgeable member of the OEd team will then get in touch with you within 48 business day to update you on the next steps.

What Students Will Be Able To Accomplish With The OEd Cross Enroll Program 

OEd, formerly AMA University Online Education, is committed to bringing students the biggest and most flexible online learning system in the Philippines, and this extends to our cross enroll program.

With the OEd Cross Enroll Program, students have:

  • Access to courses and instructors they need to complete their degree and graduate on time.
  • Access to a wider range of subjects, programs, and instructors.
  • The opportunity to enroll in classes that are not offered or are in conflict (whether in terms of scheduling, location, or academic calendar) at their current school.

Get Started on A Bright Future with OEd’s Cross Enroll Program.

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