Master of Arts in
Computer Education

The Master of Arts in Computer Education degree is equivalent to level 7 of the Philippine Qualifications Framework. The program is geared toward aspiring educators who want to teach computer literacy and applications, and teachers who want to incorporate computers and other technology into their learning activity. This program provides an understanding of how people learn and integrate technology into learning environments. The curriculum is based on the standards and minimum requirement of the Philippine Commission on Higher Education (CMO 53, series of 2007) and is benchmarked against the curricula of leading local and international academic offering similar program.

  1. Undertake advanced research and development in the area of Computer education; and
  2. Practice educational delivery and leadership using technology for the development of the nation
MACOED Curriculum page
MACOED Curriculum page


Number Of Units

2 Years & 1 Term

(With Compre)

Years To Complete

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