Online CPT Admission Requirements

The OEd Online Certificate for Professional Teaching Program (CPT) is a special course we offer to professionals who wish to become teachers. Our curriculum follows the guidelines set forth by the Commission on Higher Education as well as the Professional Regulations Commission. Students can take a maximum of 9 units per semester.

Students who have completed 18 units can then take the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).

Those who do not have any prior teaching experience may complete the entire program to gain the necessary experience you need before teaching.

For those who already have teaching experience, please submit proof to the Dean so we may waive the required practice teaching units. Once this has been approved, you will be issued a certificate of completion of the program.

OEd does not have an entrance examination. For interested applicants, kindly take note of the following online CPT requirements:

Certificate of Transfer Credential (Honorable Dismissal) from the last school attended
Certificate of Good Moral Character (if not yet included in the Honorable Dismissal) from the last school attended
Transcript of Records (TOR) from the last school attended
Original and Photocopy of Birth Certificate
Two (2) pieces 1×1 ID Picture

Because OEd is 100% online, you will not be required to drop by our main campus to submit your requirements. Simply email them to us and wait for our confirmation. Confirmation will take between 24 to 48 hours from Monday to Friday.

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