Cross Enroll Program

OEd, formerly AMA University Online Education, aims to build a united community of education institutions and learners through its cross enroll program. The Cross Enroll program provides students with a flexible online learning platform where they can access all our course materials conveniently to help them complete their degree.

Objective Of The Program

Previously, students had to suffer through delays in their graduation due to scheduling conflicts or missing out on important courses due to their home institutions not currently offering a specific course during a particular semester. The only solutions for students, then, would be to defer their graduation and to take the course at a later period. OEd is here to address this concern by providing you with a better solution – cross enrolling.

OEd, through its Cross Enroll program, is making education more accessible to Filipinos all over the country. OEd is harnessing the power that technology is giving us today, using it to pave the way for more opportunities in pursuing online education.

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In order to help students learn even outside of their respective campuses, OEd has set up the cross enroll program in the Philippines which aims to expand the learning opportunities of students from all over the Philippines. Now Filipinos from even the farthest flung provinces can have access to the courses and instructors they need to complete their degrees and graduate on time.

Cross enroll gives students access to a wider range of subjects, courses, and even faculty. Cross enrolling makes it possible for students to register for classes that are not currently offered or are in conflict (whether it’s in terms of scheduling, location, academic calendar, etc.) with their current situation. With OEd’s Cross Enroll Program, students can have access to a portal of OEd’s courses so they can fulfill the requirement they need to graduate on time.

Who Can Cross Enroll

OEd’s Cross Enroll Program envisions a tomorrow wherein education is easily accessible to all. As such, our cross enroll program will be available for all students enrolled in various universities and colleges in the Philippines. With the help of our cross enroll program, we hope that it will be easier for them to connect and interact with collaborating institutions that offer subjects that are essential to meeting the required learning competencies of a students in their chosen degree.

Our mission is to utilize technology to create an accessible online cross enroll portal so that students can graduate on time. 

All you have to do is sign up to our cross enroll program at to get started.

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