Admissions for Postgraduate Degree


Students interested in applying for the program should register and fill up the interview form (please see form categories here). The Online Dean shall assess the information and schedule an interview. After completing the interview form, student applicants (“SA”) must visit,  and fill up the online registration form for the portal. This will serve as your registration to the Student Information System (SIS) and the Learning Management System (LMS) once enrolled in the program.

Once done registering, student applicants need to log-in through using the registered email address and password. The SA’s need to choose the program they wish to enroll as a degree of choice. The following requirements must also be uploaded, these are scanned copy in PDF, DOC, JPEG, PNG format with no greater than 5MB file size:

Accepting guidelines:
1. Allied Masters Degree with thesis
2. If nonthesis – pre-course in thesis writing will be given to the student
3. At least three years of work experience related to the program applying for.
4. Three years of related training attended (optional).

After uploading, the students need to click submit and the system shall now process the evaluation. The evaluation of credentials and activation of subjects for enrollment usually take 24-48 hours. SA’s shall receive an email from OEd’s Course Administrator regarding the result of their evaluation.


The interview is just an assessment regarding the SA’s mental and physical preparedness for the Online Program. OEd shall schedule SA’s.

Bridging Courses

Applicants who wishes to change their program of choice may request before or after the evaluation of their credentials. All re-evaluation requests will be queued as new application for admission.


If the SA’s have already been interviewed and assessed by the Online Dean and evaluated based on the credentials submitted, they may now process their enrollment and pay the accumulated fees. Please email [email protected] for the payment procedure.

Interview Form

Applicants who wish to change their program of choice may request before or after the evaluation of their credentials. All re-evaluation requests will be queued as new application for admission.


Please save your filled out form using the format

Example: RavizJennalynMITStudentApplicant.pdf

Kindly make sure you have answered the essay part of the application form. In some instances, we may require an applicant to have an interview via the Learning Management System based on your essay.

Virtual Interview (Optional)

  1. Please register through the Student Information System (SIS) using this link;
  2. Ensure that you have chosen “Master in Information Technology” and submitted pertinent credentials;
  3. Interview Portal shall be loaded through the Learning Management System. After the aforementioned procedure, please visit;
  4. Log-in using the credentials you registered in the SIS;
  5. Click the Program Application Interview Class;
  6. Click the link inside the module and you will be automatically redirected to the OEd Virtual Classroom;
  7. Interview will only last with a maximum of 30 to 45 minutes;
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academic procedure square 1

Go to

academic procedure square 2

Click Register

academic procedure square 3

Fill in all necessary information and Click the “Register” button at the end of the form. (The information your provide on the Registration form shall be recorded on your Registrar’s Student Portfolio therefore, make sure to complete the form before submitting ).

academic procedure square 4

After successful registration, you will be redirected to “My Portal”. The Portal will require you to choose the academic program you want to enroll in. Upload the required documents in the following file formats:

document icons
academic procedure square 5

Click submit for evaluation at the end of the registration application form. Requirements to be submitted will vary according to the applicants status upon registration:

* Please put the link towards the requirements
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Any cases where documents are needed to be re-uploaded, the scanned documents can be uploaded to [email protected]

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