Master’s in
Business Administration

The MBA program has been designed to provide the student with a knowledge of the principles that are fundamental to the operation of all business organizations, as well as advanced technical knowledge in a specialized field. Specializations are provided for students who desire a concentrated area of study related to their career or career objectives. The specialization courses focused in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

The MBA program seeks to develop tomorrow’s business leaders. It aims to educate young professionals with limited work experience for managerial leadership in profit and not-for-profit organizations. The program ensures that candidates develop an understanding of the various functional fields and processes that are required to successfully operate modern business enterprises.

Specifically the MBA Program has the following goals:

  1. To provide candidates with the required decision-making tools and teach them how to analyze data (e.g. regression, probability and variance) and use statistical methodology (forecasting, sampling) in applying these techniques to actual business situations.
  2. To improve candidates’ marketing skills through the use of case studies, which help candidates, identify and evaluate the diversity of marketing strategies employed by successful firms. Building market research techniques, candidates evaluate how consumer behavior, advertising and sales promotion, pricing decisions, and technology influence the marketing of products internationally.
  3. To teach candidates the techniques and tools useful for financial analysis and control in today’s business climate – integrating five distinct areas of study; financial accounting, managerial accounting, managerial economics, corporate finance, and international financial management. Quantitative skill development is emphasized throughout, especially in financial statement analysis, valuation techniques, accounting for financial transactions, and assessing foreign exchange risk.
  4. To provide candidates with the skills and knowledge set necessary in managing today’s business operations for productivity and performance.
  5. To develop a global perspective in all candidates.
  6. Develop each candidate’s strategic thinking
MBA with thesis program curriculum


Number Of Units

2 and 1/2 Years

(With Compre)

Years To Complete

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