How Online Senior High School is Making College Preparations Easier Than Ever

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Senior high school can be a nerve-wracking experience. You want to make sure you’ve gotten everything fully figured out and before you graduate and enter college. You don’t have to worry, however. Your senior high school days don’t have to be stressful. By enrolling in our programs, from online middle school education to online senior high, you can rest assured that you’ll be equipped with all the skills, knowledge, and qualifications you need to graduate college with flying colors.

Read on to know why you should consider enrolling in an online senior high school.

1) More Comfortable Learning Environment

When someone mentions online learning, one of the first benefits many people think of first is home comfortable it is studying without a uniform. But it’s more than just that. Perhaps the best thing about online education is having no physical classrooms.  You can get the best education without leaving your home. All you need is a stable internet connection where you can digitally communicate with your teachers and have your assignments electronically sent to you. No more braving the insane Manila traffic, having to get up early for school, or miss out on important family time.

2) Avoid the Hassles of Commuting

Get your money’s worth out of your education by attending classes online instead of missing out on classes due to the many class cancellation caused by the Philippines’ many storms. By attending online classes, you don’t have to miss out on important class lectures or brave the floods just to get to school on time. No matter the weather condition, you’ll always know that class will be in session.

3) Flexible Schedule

With online education, you have the flexibility to adjust your class schedule around your day versus the other day around. Students can have the ability to juggle both work and schooling at the same time, should they need to, and they can easily adjust their schedules to whatever is most convenient for them. This helps students create a better and healthier work-school-life balance for themselves.

4) More Chances for Interaction

Online education gives shy students the chance to shine! This is the perfect way to ease them in as they prepare their transition from senior high school to college. With online education, shy and more introverted students can more easily express themselves and share their ideas and opinions as compared to more direct face-to-face classroom sessions. This will make them more comfortable asking their professors questions in the future. Because they have, in a way, warmed up to speaking and have practiced their interpersonal and speaking skills, shy and introverted students will have an easier time interacting with new people once they enroll for college.

In fact, studies show that online education has been more beneficial to students and has improved their concentration and test scores due to the lack of distractions from their peers.

5) Affordable Tuition Fees

Online senior high school is typically cheaper than on-campus education because students do not have to pay for expenses such as expensive books, transportation costs (such as commuting costs or school service fees), miscellaneous fees,  library fees, school uniforms, and other overhead costs that are usually charged by schools.

Online classes allow its students to download the resource materials directly from the school website, saving students a lot of money down the line. Since there is no physical campus, there are no miscellaneous fees such as library fees or school clinic fees as well. Enrolling in an online class can help students save on these costs, which they can put towards their college tuition instead.

6) Improves Your Self-discipline

The most important thing online senior high school classes prepare you for college is it teaches you self-discipline. With online classes, you won’t constantly have a teacher looking over you and reminding you about you to finish your tasks and assignments. You won’t be following a rigid schedule day in and day out. Rather, you’ll need to find the motivation and discipline to log in every day and participate in discussion boards. Without self-discipline, you’ll quickly find it will be difficult to keep up in classes, much more difficult than in a normal classroom setting. This self-discipline will soon translate and trickle into other aspects of your life such as your work ethic, relationships, and so on.

Online Education (OEd) is the first full online education program in the Philippines to offer a senior high school program. Learn more about requirements for senior high school enrollment.  We also offer online degrees such as bachelor courses, master’s, and doctorate. It upholds the vision and mission of OEd because it understands the growing need to cater to an ever-changing world as we shift to a digital age. Our intent-based alternative learning style gives individuals the opportunity to receive quality education wherever they may be while improving their digital skills to guarantee career success.

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