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Professionals looking to advance their careers or to get a higher pay grade can do so easier by enrolling in short courses. The problem is, not everyone has the time to do so. With online short courses, professionals can sign up for a course without having to go to a physical campus. On top of this, they can attend their chosen course whenever they’re available simply by accessing it through their laptop or smartphone.

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    To do better at your job or to create better job opportunities for yourself, it’s vital to continuously develop your skills and boost your knowledge. Enrolling in short courses can help you do this.

    AMA Online Education is giving you the answer to your problem with our Online Education Short Courses. Thanks to our flexible program, you can enroll in any of our open university short courses and attend them at your own convenience wherever you’d like as long as you have stable internet connection.

    AMAOEd gives you access to premium online classes in the Philippines as well as added benefits such as lower education costs (everything you will be needing is provided to you digitally so there is no need to purchase any physical textbooks), and reduced pressure (when studying online, you can focus on learning instead of competing with your classmates.) Best of all, our short courses come with certificates to prove your participation.

    Short Courses

    Sales and Business

    Learn what it takes to set-up and successfully operate a business in today’s times using ethical business practices.

    Finance and Accounting

    Refresh your knowledge on important finance and accounting foundations including bookkeeping and budgeting.


    Enhance your writing skills and polish your grammar with our Education Short Course Program.

    Computer and Information Technology

    Learn about important Excel functions, work presentation and software skills, and network security.

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