What is the Best College Course to be A Flight Attendant?

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Do you want a job that lets you explore the world? Then, being a flight attendant may be right up your alley.

However, being a flight attendant is not just about traveling. These professionals play a vital role in ensuring safe and comfortable flights for all passengers. If this seems like a great career for you, keep reading to better understand what skills you’ll need and the best college course to be a flight attendant.

What Does a Flight Attendant Do?

Flight attendants are part of an airline’s cabin crew that helps passengers through their flights. The men and women who greet passengers as they enter the plane are flight attendants. These professionals do not only get to travel around but are also generously compensated for it.

A flight attendant’s main role is making sure passengers are safe and comfortable throughout their flight. Thus, you’ll see flight attendants help passengers locate their seats and stow their baggage safely. They also inform passengers of safety protocols for different emergencies. Finally, they provide passengers with food, beverages, and other items like blankets to help them be comfortable.

However, flight attendants also have roles behind the scenes. They check the condition of emergency equipment, ensuring that all necessary equipment is on board and functioning correctly. They also enforce all rules, such as when the weather requires that passengers wear their seatbelts.

Flight attendants are also trained to execute first aid as well as handle various security or emergency situations, so they’re ready for anything that could happen on a flight. With all these responsibilities, you can think of flight attendants as the guardians of a plane and its passengers.

What are the Necessary Skills to be A Flight Attendant?

Flight attendants hold a lot of responsibilities in an aircraft. Their responsibilities do not only affect the passengers’ flying experience but have a direct impact on their safety. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that flight attendants possess specialized skills. Here are the essential skills you need to become a successful flight attendant:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Adaptability
  • Attention to detail
  • Teamwork
  • Physical stamina
  • Cultural intelligence

As an aspiring flight attendant, it’s important to select a college course that will hone these skills so you can enter the workforce ready for the responsibilities of this job.

What are the Top 5 Courses if You Want to be A Flight Attendant?

While airlines are not strict about applicants’ degrees, selecting the most suitable course to become a flight attendant will give you an advantage. With the right degree, you’ll graduate with all the essential skills to perform your role as a flight attendant. Here are the college courses that are best suited for flight attendants:

hospitality management

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

A BS in Hospitality Management equips students with competencies needed in business and hospitality. In this course, students learn about leadership and customer service. They are exposed to real-life scenarios where that encourage them to think critically and outside the box.

Graduates can take on various careers in hospitality management, including becoming a flight attendant where they will likely find the interpersonal, negotiation, and problem-solving skills they acquired from BSHM useful. With a background in hospitality management, future flight attendants will have no problem working in an aircraft, collaborating with multiple people, and dealing with unique customer requests and situations.

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication

This four-year degree focuses on the use of different media to effectively deliver messages to a specific audience. In this course, students learn the theories, principles, and ethics of various media, such as broadcast media, journalism, and advertising.

Mass communication graduates are experts in communicating with people, which can be quite useful for flight attendants. Flight attendants regularly communicate with other cabin crew and passengers. They instruct passengers on safety procedures, ask them what they need, and sometimes, negotiate with dissatisfied customers.

Flight attendants need to be always on their feet as they need to come up with solutions to various issues with limited resources while flying. Students can hone these skills, plus develop the confidence to communicate with different people through a BA in Mass Communication.


Bachelor of Science in Tourism

BS Tourism is another sensible course to be a flight attendant. This degree prepares students for careers in the hospitality industry like being a flight attendant. Students in this course learn about management principles in the tourism industry, history and culture, customer service, risk management, as well as the legal aspects of tourism.

Graduates of Tourism enter the workforce with a strong foundation in customer service and management in the industry. With this knowledge, they can excel in working with other cabin crew and providing exceptional service to passengers.

Bachelor of Arts in English Language

Flight attendants need to be fluent in English, which is the language often used by airlines, especially those who regularly fly with international passengers. With a BA in English Language, no doubt that aspiring flight attendants will have no trouble communicating with anyone. They’ll have the aptitude and confidence to explain or negotiate with anyone, which is a key skill for flight attendants.

Beyond language, studying the complexities of the English language and analyzing literature refine students’ analytical and problem-solving skills. The exposure to a wide range of literature, which comes with unique perspectives, also helps students develop a stronger sense of empathy and cultural intelligence.

An additional reason a BA in English Language is a great degree for flight attendants is the better study habits and strong attention to detail they acquire from reading literature and learning about teaching principles. Learning various security and emergency protocols, food safety, first aid, and the basics of aviation should be manageable for them.


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

You may think that BA Psychology is a far-fetched choice of college course for flight attendants. However, this course develops crucial soft skills that can be useful for flight attendants. In fact, this course is useful for anyone who aspires to enter a career that primarily deals with people.

Psychology studies human behavior. Students of this course learn to apply the principles of psychology to different fields like politics, education, and human resources. This means that they develop strong analytical and problem-solving skills coupled with strong empathy and cultural intelligence.

The combination of soft and hard skills that students acquire from studying psychology becomes useful for flight attendants who regularly deal with unique individuals from different cultures. With their background, they have the competencies to handle any situation and offer high-quality services to all their passengers.

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Becoming a flight attendant can take you to many places and open doors of opportunity for you. You can set yourself up for success by choosing the right course to become a flight attendant – one that will build foundational skills and competencies to help you excel in this career.

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