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In a world that constantly evolves and faces new challenges, the importance of a solid education cannot be overstated. For aspiring individuals in the Philippines with a passion for understanding the intricacies of governance, a degree in political science is an excellent choice. Graduates armed with the knowledge gained from their studies are well-positioned to embark on diverse and fulfilling careers in political science.

Let’s delve into the myriad of career opportunities awaiting political science graduates in the Philippines.

Understanding the Basic Aspects of Politics and Governance

Political science is a multidisciplinary field that encompasses various sub-disciplines such as political theory, comparative politics, international relations, public policy, and administration, among others. Students undertaking a degree in political science gain an overall understanding of the fundamental aspects of politics and governance. They develop critical thinking skills to analyze complex problems and propose viable solutions for pressing issues.

Choosing a major is no small decision. So, before you make a decision, you need to know: why study political science in the first place?

Why Study Political Science?

The study of political science equips individuals with a unique perspective on how societies are governed and how power is exercised. This field of study encompasses a wide range of topics such as political systems, international relations, public policy, and more. Through critical analysis and research, students develop valuable communication, problem-solving, and decision-making skills—all highly sought after in the job market. In a country like the Philippines, where politics plays a crucial role in shaping society, political science graduates are in high demand across various industries.

Career Opportunities in Political Science

public service

1. Public Service and Governance

One of the most direct and impactful jobs for political science majors lies in public service. Government agencies at local, regional, and national levels require individuals with a deep understanding of political systems, policies, and public administration. Graduates can find opportunities as public administrators, policy analysts, or even elected officials. OEd’s comprehensive curriculum ensures that students acquire the necessary skills to excel in these roles, providing a solid foundation for effective governance.

Average monthly salary: PHP 27,000

2. Diplomacy and International Relations

In an increasingly interconnected global community, diplomats and international relations specialists play a crucial role in fostering positive relationships between countries. OEd’s online platform equips political science graduates with the knowledge and interpersonal skills needed to navigate the complexities of international affairs. Graduates can pursue careers as foreign service officers, international development specialists, or diplomats, contributing to peace and cooperation on the world stage.

Average monthly salary: PHP 23,000

laptop and newspapers

3. Political Journalism and Communication

Effective communication is essential in the political arena, and political science graduates can leverage their understanding of political systems to become influential journalists and communicators. OEd’s courses on media and communication ensure that graduates are well-versed in the art of conveying complex political concepts to the public. Some dynamic and impactful political science degree job options in this field include political journalism, public relations, and communication strategy.

Average monthly salary: PHP 29,000

4. Legal Professions

Did you know that political science is one of the most popular choices for an undergraduate law degree? With OEd’s focus on legal studies, graduates can seamlessly transition into law school or explore careers as legal researchers, paralegals, or legal consultants. The critical thinking and analytical skills honed during their political science studies are invaluable assets in the legal profession, ensuring success in various legal roles.

Average monthly salary: PHP 41,000

non profit organization

5. Non-Profit and Advocacy Organizations

For graduates with a passion for social change and community development, careers in non-profit organizations and advocacy groups provide an avenue to make a tangible impact. OEd’s curriculum emphasizes social responsibility, preparing graduates for roles in NGOs, human rights organizations, and community development initiatives. This path allows graduates to actively contribute to positive change in society, aligning their values with their professional pursuits.

Average monthly salary: PHP 32,000

6. Corporate and Business Sector

Political science graduates boast a distinctive skill set that is in high demand within the corporate world. Armed with a profound understanding of political dynamics and regulatory frameworks, these graduates are well-equipped to excel in a range of roles, including corporate governance specialists, public affairs consultants, or corporate social responsibility managers. OEd’s business-focused courses seamlessly integrate with the political science curriculum, providing a comprehensive education that actively prepares graduates for success in various political science career options within the corporate sector.

Average monthly salary: PHP 28,000


7. Research and Academia

For those with a passion for academia and research, a career in teaching or conducting political science research is a fulfilling option. OEd’s commitment to academic excellence ensures that graduates are well-prepared to pursue advanced degrees and contribute to the academic community. With opportunities in universities, think tanks, and research institutions, political science graduates can play a vital role in shaping the future of their field.

Average monthly salary: PHP 56,000

political science student

How to Prepare for a Long-Term Career in Political Science

The extensive career opportunities available for BA PolSci graduates require a solid foundation and continuous effort to succeed in the competitive job market. To prepare for a long-term career in this field, students should:

  • Develop strong research skills by actively engaging in research projects and papers throughout their studies.
  • Gain practical experience through internships or volunteer opportunities in relevant organizations.
  • Build a professional network by connecting with professors, alumni, and professionals in the field.
  • Stay informed about current events and political developments through reading and staying engaged in discussions.
  • Continuously develop critical thinking skills by actively questioning and analyzing information.

Studying political science opens up a diverse range of career opportunities for individuals looking to make a difference in society. With OEd’s comprehensive curriculum and flexible online platform, students can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their chosen career paths.

Empower Your Future with OEd

Take the leap now! Enroll in AMA OEd‘s political science program today and set forth on a journey toward a rewarding and impactful career. Whether you aspire to find jobs for political science majors in public service, international relations, journalism, law, social change, business, academia, or simply making a difference, our political science program provides the ideal platform to explore your interests and transform them into a successful profession.

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