What Careers Can You Do with an English Language Degree?

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An English degree allows students to study the English language, Literature, and writing. This course can be a fascinating academic pursuit but what can you do with an English language degree?

Before you enroll in the Bachelor of Arts Major in English, let us talk about what you can expect when you take up this course and the potential careers you may pursue after graduation.

Majoring in English

The English Language course is part of the offerings of the English Department. English Majors explore various types of Literature, so this course involves a good deal of reading. However, their studies involve as much analysis and writing as it does reading.

What Can You Learn from An English Language Course?

English Language courses help students develop knowledge and skills that enable them to approach pieces of literature critically, form analyses, and write their arguments articulately.

Students read novels, poetry, non-fiction, as well as theater plays. They also study literary theories to help them understand different perspectives throughout history and form their own arguments.

  • An English Language Course typically covers:
  • Language and Society  
  • History of the English Language
  • Semantics of English
  • Theories of language and language acquisition
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Philippine, Anglo-American, Asian, European, and African Literature
  • Foreign language
  • History and practice of translation
  • Rhetoric and composition

Our tips on how to choose a course in college in the Philippines include considering the skills they will learn. It’s important to acquire a balance of transferrable skills and technical skills to allow you to leverage your skills to grow or transition to a new industry if needed.

With a Bachelor of Arts in English Language, you can learn skills like these:

  • Writing
  • Research
  • Communication
  • Critical Analysis
  • Problem-solving
  • Awareness of diverse perspectives
  • Creativity
  • Attention to detail

What Can I Do with an English Language Degree: Potential Careers to Pursue

As an English Language major, you acquire fundamental skills that can be transferred to different fields, opening numerous potential career paths. Here are the future careers for English Language majors:

english teacher

English Teacher

Average Salary: Php 16,800 to Php 30,000, according to Indeed

Many English majors proceed to teach English upon graduation. English Language graduates may work in a private school or take the LET and work for a public school.

English majors are well-equipped to teach English to primary to high school students due to their training in literature and the English language. As an English teacher, you introduce students to literature appropriate for their age and the fundamental skills for understanding written work and the world around them. They also build on students’ writing skills by teaching grammar and composition.

English teachers impart vital skills that serve as the foundation of a student’s learning, improving study habits, and ensuring future success.

literature professor

Literature Professor

Average Salary: Php 33,000 to Php 37,000, according to Jobstreet

College or university lecturers tackle more advanced literature classes. They may introduce students to literary works deemed more difficult, such as those tackling complex themes. As professors, they cultivate students’ critical thinking skills and refine their communication and writing skills.

Since Literature Professors teach at higher learning institutions, they are expected to pursue or hold postgraduate degrees in English or a related course.

ESL Teacher

Average salary: Php 20,000 to Php 35,000, according to Indeed

Another potential career for English Language majors is teaching English as a second language. As an ESL teacher, you’ll be teaching the basics of English grammar to non-English speakers. Since ESL is typically geared toward adults, English Language graduates must apply their knowledge of language acquisition to teach English in the most practical ways. For example, be prepared to teach Business English to corporate employees.

female paralegal


Average salary: Php 37,000 upwards, according to the Economic Research Institute

Paralegals support lawyers in their daily tasks, specifically organizing legal documents, conducting legal research, taking down notes during legal proceedings, and preparing legal briefs. So, while a BA in English Language is valuable in this field, you also need an extensive knowledge of legal concepts and proceedings.

If you’re interested in becoming a paralegal, you may consider the Paralegal Training Institute at the UP Law Center.



Average salary: Php 43,000 to Php 67,000 and up, according to Indeed

A BA in English Language may serve as a strong pre-law course. Studying English in college develops analytical, research, and communication skills, which are all vital in the study and practice of law.

English graduates may continue studying law, which may take an additional four years. Then, they may work for a law firm, a corporation, or the government. They may also choose their specialization, such as criminal law, employment law, or mergers and acquisitions.



Average salary: Php 26,000, according to Indeed

Journalists gather information and write news articles or stories about current events. Journalists play a crucial role in keeping people informed through balanced reporting and analyses.

As a journalist, English Language graduates may work for magazines, newspapers, online publications, or TV networks. This career requires strong critical thinking and analysis skills, research skills, and communication skills. Journalists often interview key individuals or groups and write news articles or scripts.


Average salary: 5% to 25% royalty, depending on contract with publisher; around 70% royalty for self-published works, according to PublishDrive

Perhaps one of the more common ideas of students when they think about what they can do with an English Language degree is to become an author. Many pursue this course as a result of their love for books, after all, and many dream to become like their favorite authors.

Graduates of English Language courses have been immersed in stories. They have dissected short stories, novels, poems, and so on, and thus, are equipped to write their own original works. However, it is worth noting that unless you have published a book, you may need to supplement your income in some other way. So, it would be helpful to think of the other potential careers that would allow you to still write.

script made by a screen writer

Screen Writer

Average salary: Php 42,000 to Php 59,000, according to SalaryExpert

For those who prefer to pursue a creative career, another possible option is to work as a screen writer for a TV or film company.

As a screenwriter, you’ll develop stories, adapt a story or book, and write scripts for TV, film, or video games. This job requires collaborating with other screenwriters, directors, producers and so on, which also means it often involves a lot of revisions.


Average salary: Php 24,000 to Php 45,000, according to Glassdoor

Editors are responsible for maintaining the quality of content of a publication or website. They may work in a newsroom, magazine, or a marketing agency. Their roles often include developing publishing guidelines and writing guides, developing ideas for content, training junior writers, and proofreading and editing materials.

This role needs individuals with a mastery of the English language and an ability to teach or train people. Editing requires skills students majoring in English acquire, which is why it is one of the most popular careers to do with an English Language degree.



Average salary: Php 26,000 to Php 53,000, according to Indeed and Glassdoor

Copywriters write and edit various types of content for their organization or a marketing agency’s clients. Some copywriters also work as freelance writers for which they earn per hour or per word.

Copywriters write articles for print, blogs for websites, or newsletters for email about a wide range of topics. Copywriters often work for companies in different industries, so English Language major’s research and writing skills come in handy.

language interpreter

Language Interpreter

Average salary: Php 63,000 to Php 70,000, based on Jobstreet’s data

Language interpreters translate a language to English. Language interpreters play a crucial role in multinational companies operating in a non-English speaking country. They use their knowledge of both English and another language to translate texts or spoken dialogue as accurately as possible to ensure effective communication.

Be A Master of English with OEd

If you’re passionate about studying English in college, you need a strong education that will develop key skills that will help you thrive in whichever career for English Language majors you decide to pursue.

Oed offers flexible online education designed to build students’ knowledge, creativity, and skills that will empower them to carve their own path after graduating from college.

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