Online Education Gives Graduates an Advantage in the Modern Workplace

The integration of technology-driven practices in the modern workplace has shined a light on a mismatch between what many companies need from employees and the work habits of many in the workforce.

Recent technological innovations call for personnel who are digitally adept and can thrive in an increasingly digital environment. Thus, employers these days often face the prospect of spending considerable resources to up-skill recruits and capacitate them for the workplace.

The country’s pioneer in online education bridges this gap between the need for digital competence much valued in new hires and the actual ability of new graduates to work in the digital workplace. While offering the same academic content as traditional brick-and-mortar universities, AMA University Online Education’s approach to the teaching process allows students to experience technology in different formats.

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“Our approach to education allows students to develop the needed digital skills and competence often lacking in today’s demanding and competitive workplace,” said Dr. Amable “Miguel” C. Aguiluz IX, AMA Education System Vice Chairman and CEO.

AMA OEd is the first and only online education that offers full degree programs in the Philippines. Students who enroll in online courses are required to participate in interactive online activities, such as communicating through email, instant message, holding discussion sessions, and completing online assignments. Furthermore, AMA OEd’s corporate partnerships ensure that their graduates have firsthand knowledge and experience of how it is to work in the modern workplace.

This type of learning environment has the potential of transitioning graduates more easily into the workplace. For their employers, this means less time and resources devoted to training and up-skilling of new employees, harnessing instead their productivity from day one.

The modern workplace is also characterized by flexible shared spaces, where employers encourage their employees to have a work-life balance by allowing them to work remotely at specific times. Online education is taken and completed on the online landscape and its students have become accustomed to effectively completing courses and tasks from home. Employees with an online education are able to carry over this behavior of remotely working and effectively multi-tasking to the workplace.

Aside from a change in communication methods and work setting, behavior within the workplace is also shifting to a more collaborative approach. Traditional workplaces are built on the concept of competition, where the most plaudits go to those who successfully climb the corporate ladder. Modern workplaces, on the other hand, emphasize collaboration, with employees working together to achieve the best results. Online education exposes its students to educators and fellow students from a wide range of fields and locations, allowing them to develop a stronger affinity for collaboration.

With the Philippine government recently enacting the Telecommuting Act (Republic Act 11165), more corporations and businesses are expected to embrace this change alongside other modern practices to improve company performance. Employers will want graduates who possess all the necessary skills to excel in their respective departments, and employers will choose graduates who may be trusted to contribute to the company’s goals wherever they are.

“At AMA, we take pride not only in teaching the youth but also in educating the workforce needed by today’s economy,” says Dr. Aguiluz IX.

“We hope to see more of our youth more capably take on the modern workplace, fully realizing their potential in the digital age.”

For those looking to enroll or know more about online education, email us at [email protected] or visit our portal. Online Education (OEd) offers different programs – online senior high programs, online undergraduate degree courses, graduate courses, and short courses online.

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  1. Ralph Nino Contado

    As an Overseas Filipino Worker, AMAoED provides us the opportunity to continue learning and achieve our passions in life. Thanks AMA for bridging the gap to the Philippines “Bagong Bayani” population. I can continue my Studies anytime, anywhere as a Global Pinoy.

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