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Like any educational pursuit, studying a degree online requires patience, discipline, and determination. In many ways, an online degree is just like a regular one. Students select a degree of their choice and go on to pursue it, studying theoretical and practical subject matter in preparation for future employment opportunities, or further studies. While many Filipinos may believe that an online degree is a free pass at education, the pandemic has showed us that studying online is not just a viable solution to our current restrictions. Rather, it is a worthy option for students, parents, and working professionals to consider even after our extraordinary circumstances.

In this article, we put together some of the most common questions regarding studying a degree online. If you are a prospecting student considering an online degree, or you are a working professional looking to make the most of the WFH situation by pursuing higher education in your free time, read on and make a more informed decision about your studies!

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Is an Online Degree Worth It?

In the same way that many students enrolling in conventional education with a classroom setting would jump at the chance to gain more work opportunities or take on further studies, students enrolled in either an online bachelor’s degree or an online masters course can enjoy all these chances too. The difference being that online degrees may open opportunities for students more than just a chance at further education and fruitful careers. One of the reasons why online degrees are so good is because they allow you to take better control of your own academic endeavors while bridging any physical limitations that might normally hinder you from doing so. Time constraints, distance, travel expenses— all these external factors will no longer stand in your way to pursuing higher education.

Are Online Degrees Affordable?

The short answer: Yes.

Though in this time of the pandemic, many schools are offering online schooling because of the quarantine restrictions, most of them still charge the same fees as that of conventional education. Depending on the educational institution however, the affordability of an online degree is definitely possible. At AMA OEd, we offer online degrees at roughly Php 22,000 per term, though this number can fluctuate depending on the number of subjects that a student wishes to take. By keeping our tuition fee affordable, we bridge not only the physical gaps of transportation and distance—we are also able to bridge the financial gap that may hinder some students from enrolling.

Is an Online Degree Easier Than Traditional Schooling?

Many parents worry that an online degree will fail to sufficiently equip their child for the rigors of their future profession and further learning. Whether they fear that the subject matter will be too easy, or that the productivity in an online class may drop, it is highly likely that students will experience the same level of academic challenge. Like any educational program, the quality of their learning will depend on the formation of the curriculum and the quality of the instruction. Experienced online instructors are trained to provide high-quality instruction that still prepares students for their future livelihoods despite teaching remotely. This includes providing them with the necessary tasks and exercises to sufficiently gauge the theoretical and practical knowledge that the student has gained from the course.

It is worth nothing however that some students may find that the self-paced approach of independent learning comes easier to them than instruction in a traditional classroom setting. This may be because of external factors, such as their learning style or because they enjoy the increased control over their time and learning environment.

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Will Earning an Online Degree Earn Me Employment?

With remote work rising in popularity, many employers also take online degrees seriously. Some even see additional potential in students that study remotely because of their ingrained work ethic. The discipline and determination needed to accomplish an online degree may even impress discerning employers and immediately earn you brownie points when you are being considered for hiring.

Is Studying a Degree Online While Working Advisable?

While pursuing studies on top of a 9-to-5 will always be a challenging endeavor, one of the reasons why online degrees are so good is because it is much easier to sustain than conventional schooling. This is because of its flexible, self-paced nature which makes it more feasible to control your schedule for studies and planning it around your shifts at work, so you do not have to worry about absences or tardiness. If you are a working professional, then an online degree also saves you plenty of money on transportation costs and food since it can be done remotely. Moreover, an online education gives advantages to students in the workplace. Both colleagues and bosses will be impressed by your time management skills and determination, and the additional degree certainly adds to your credibility and possible career opportunities in the future.

So, What’s the Bottom Line?

Pursuing an online degree is worth just as much as a conventional one. It provides quality education that equips you with the necessary knowledge for better career opportunities and even higher compensation. For the right student, taking a degree online can be a gamechanger because of how it gives you better control over your time. Treat your decision to pursue an online education the same way you would treat any other academic endeavor—think about your purpose for doing so, and whether you can balance it on top of your existing responsibilities, especially if you are a working professional.

If pursuing your degree is high on your list of priorities and believe that you have the self-discipline and grit to do so on top of your other responsibilities, then consider enrolling in an online degree. Not only will its flexible, self-paced nature work to your advantage, but you will also be able to minimize miscellaneous fee, expenses, and even absences that a regular classroom setup may require of you.

Whether it be bachelor’s or masters, you can empower yourself to maximize your education by pursuing it online. Enroll in a course of your choice and study under the pioneer of online education in the Philippines!

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