Online Education Gives Moms Chance to Continue Their Learning Journey

There’s no doubt that motherhood entails a lot of sacrifice. From waking up in the wee hours of the morning to nurture us as kids, to eventually guiding us through big decisions as adults — a mom does all these and more and continues to dish out an unconditional kind of love.

In the past, mothers who juggle multiple responsibilities while raising a family often sacrifice personal goals, one of which is further education. At present however, innovations such as online education made learning more accessible — giving moms an opportunity to continue their studies

Take the case of Online Education (OEd) students Anna Sarmiento and Princess Pairat, two moms who were able to utilize technology to fulfill their personal goals while balancing home life with their kids.

Anna earned her BSBA in Management Information Systems from AMA OEd

Anna Sarmiento had to temporarily stop schooling when she became a mom at the age of 20. After 8 years of waiting, and carefully weighing her options, she decided to go back to school. She eventually chose to pursue her degree at OEd, as it best fit her interest to pursue a degree, while juggling her responsibilities as a parent.

Currently working as an associate for a finance firm, Anna plans to use her hard-earned degree to further her career locally or abroad. Her story is a testament that you can continue learning despite perceived setbacks.

“It’s never too late to pursue a college degree, no matter how old you are, never give up! I am now a living testament that proves that it is possible — a mother of two, working in a finance firm, and now a BSBA – MIS graduate,” shares Anna.

mom studying BS Psychology online

Similarly, Princess Pairat was juggling responsibilities as a mother of two and a business owner when she decided to pursue a degree to acquire more knowledge and help augment her income. Motivated by her drive to be a better provider, she is diligently pursuing a Psychology degree in OEd since July of last year.

Princess cites her pleasant experiences on the platform, saying that online education truly motivated her to keep studying.

“The platform’s reasonable pace, content, and inter-active discussions develop my interest for my degree. I am hopeful this endeavor can eventually lead to a stable career with enough income to help support my family,” she shares.

“By enrolling at OEd, I am able to carry out my three basic tasks: managing my business, taking care of my kids, and studying without leaving home. Moms who want to invest in learning while juggling multiple responsibilities should really give online education a try, as it can be done at your own pace and time,” adds Princess.

Much like Anna and Princess, you too can unleash your own inner drive for learning and get further education. No matter what age, you can continue studying online, a platform that takes education out of the physical classroom and gives you the freedom to study at your own pace.

Start your journey towards lifelong learning through our flexible education platform! Whether you’re working mom, student, or experienced employee, you can definitely find your place among OEd’s various degree programs and short courses.

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